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Mss. Fatema El Majdoubi, is the owner, Founder and the unique designer of the well-Known Guest Traditional Moroccan house of Fes “Riad Raouia”.
Riad Raouia, is located in a quiet and safe residential area. It is easy for Airport transfers and transits. Our guests do not have to worry about transportations issues, because we care about your comfort and that’s why, we will pick you up directly from whatever Airport’s ground you land in Morocco.The Riad, offers you high quality accommodation and food and it is labeled as Second Category by the Ministry of Tourism in Morocco.
Our Guest House reflects the Arab Andalusian architectural style and design. All materials used are noble and hand made. Our bed-frames, windows and doors are Cedar-wood certified. The Riyadh, contains five rooms, each room has a different style. Four rooms are located at the first floor and one in the ground floor. All are well equipped with all the amenities and comfortable king, single or double mattresses that you need for your well-being and better sleep moment. A wonderful terrace is available for breakfasts, lunches or dinnersat your choice, surrounded by an orange blossom perfumed four square garden and has organic oranges and lemons that you are free-welcome to use.
I’m inviting you not only to have a distinguishing stay and vacations but also, I’m inviting you to discover 1200 years of history and culture of the city of Fez.
I will be happy to provide for you all the elements and means for your chosen trips within Morocco. You do not have to worry about anything, our knowledge about the different touristic places, has permitted us to take care of every detail for planning, organizing and assuring your trips.
Fatima El Majdoubi